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Coalition Peace is a start-up NGO committed to encouraging collaboration between communities and NGOs for greater global good. Our objective is to bring together organisations to form an international coalition; sharing, combining and collaborating to develop expert-driven research and peacebuilding resources. This knowledge will be translated into practice through a peacebuilding and capacity-building app, accessible free of charge to communities and local-led peace initiatives.

Communities will log on to the tech portal once per month to coordinate with their dedicated Personal Peacebuilding Assistant to map out their monthly peacebuilding agenda. Communities will then work through the agenda, requesting assistance from the Coalition Peace’s network of experts and mediators where necessary. Our mission is for 100% of our projects to be developed, executed and delivered in partnership, with coalition members being active participants in the management of the resources and the technology. We see the capacity for artificial intelligence to drive this technology further down the line. 

We are still in the very early stages of development and are currently working on a pilot phase. So far, we have built a reach of over two million people through our partnership with local initiatives in these communities. 


If you are a community, local initiative, NGO or INGO, then please get in touch with us. We would like to hear your experiences and discuss how we can work together.

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